Let’s talk Bad Boys

I was told recently that the novel coming out from Ardent Books has a bad boy in it.  I didn’t think this was the case at first, but a second glance with some important questions made me rethink my stance.

Capt MalDerrick, from Slow Burn, coming soon from Ardent Books, is a bad boy, though not entirely in the traditional sense of the word.  He’s not really a rebel without a cause, he knows his purpose.  Espionage was not the way he’d get his point across to do his part for shape shifters and humankind.  In fact, that caused nightmares when he closed his eyes.

Nor was he the type of person to be prince charming.  True, he lives by his own rules, but those rules mimic human society close, until the animal part of him kicks in.  The puma, a mountain lion, has his own set of guidelines that are simple, animalistic and break down to only three simple rules:

Kill, repeat

wine and a cigarThat’s it.  Between the man and the beast, Derrick doesn’t take any shit.  While indulging in human activities like sex, booze and smoking the finest cigars, he also goes against the grain in those worlds, being a death metal fan. In short, he’s a man who charts his own path.

That’s exactly what attracted Sonja to him when she saw him at one of her shows.  The devil may care attitude didn’t come across callously like some males show, but his extreme self confidence, which was as far from ego as could be, was something that aroused her.

When she finally meets him in person, she’s relieved to find him ever the gentleman, even as he hints at perversion they’d both like to explore.  In the end, what type of bad boy will he be?

What do you like about the bad boy image, past or present?

Slow Burn coming soon from Ardent Books:  Former spy Derrick falls for the magical woman he was hired to protect from terrorists who want her gifts to destroy his paranormal community.

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