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Witchcraft and Artwork

One of the things I’ve discovered in my years of researching Magick Bookwitchcraft and paganism is the artwork.  I’m not a huge fan of paintings honestly, I blame my poor eyesight.  But I can still appreciate not just the talent an artist puts into the work, but the magic itself.  Ever notice how different Tarot decks have different artwork to represent the symbolism in those tools of divinity?

With the myriad of different paths and belief systems in place spanning Wicca and Paganism, there is something to appeal to every taste.

JusticeI lean toward the more erotic pieces but some folks find beauty in nature.  It’s awesome to me when both come together in one piece.    Some folks find strength in the images of the Goddess, both old and new.    I tend to again go with the erotic, but my tastes lean more toward the sensual in these instances.  I’ve pictured the Goddess as this Rubenesque woman with long, flowing hair and curves, but that may just be my fantasy.

How about spirit animals?  Some of the art dedicated to our favorite furry creatures shows our penchant for feline or lupine.  I tend to lean toward the wolf here as I fancy him the creature of the night, just like me, the night writer.

What do you like in Wiccan/Pagan art?

Sonja has a taste for art in the form of music, in Slow Burn – A Sexy

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A sexy spy thriller

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Ritual Magic

I thought I’d explore another hook for this post because I’m learning
more about Wicca and Witchcraft along with the paranormal, and I’d pumaalready declared this blog open to whiskey, witches, cigars and the more primal element of animalistic urges some of us share.

I’ve also opined on Facebook that the thing linking all of my facebook friends together is ritual. Whiskey has a ritual, cigars are a ritual in themselves as are pipes, music has a rhythm that inspires ritual and those who don’t mind the magic in my life, understand it too, is a ritual.

Ritual to me has always been a point of focus.  The world itself spins out of control so much with everyday activity that trying to put ones mind in the right frame for what some call wishcraft becomes difficult. Burning Candle Learning the very basics of magic I was taught to stare at the flame of a lit candle and focus my attention on that and only that for a few minutes at a time.  Gradually, that time increased from five minutes to fifteen and I found my mind and the energy around me a little clearer.  Simple trick, but powerful, none the less.

I have a ritual when I write that allows me to focus.  I have a ritual as to how I drink whiskey and even how I light my cigars.  It all ties in to focusing my energy for that particular experience.

I mention the candle trick but there are others.  Some folks use visualization to change their realities, creating grandiose vision boards to put their mind’s energy in tune with their desires.   Using magazines, poster board or sites like Pinterest where you can journal creativity online.  I like that option better but many folks prefer the tactile with magazines and poster boards.  With focus, energies can be shifted to move help the greater parts of the universe help us to help ourselves.

When I wrote Sonja in Burning For Derrick as a witch who sings in a death metal band, I gave her the ability whiskeyto manipulate her audience through the power of her voice.

I established a light scene before her band opens up whereby a bottle of wine shatters on stage, in the darkness, then reassembles itself before disappearing.  The trick helps Sonja focus her energies on the excitement of the crowd and be a better performer.  Do you have a favorite ritual you do often?

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